Monday, April 11, 2011

Love it? Yes I do!

There were always been a very busy day when we had just upload our new collection,,,well at least it's my reason why I dont put those photos here right after we uploaded it in our Facebook acc ^^ Shame on me, what an amateur blogger I am.

Well, it's better to be late than never :

Our prices range from IDR110k-185k,,for more information about another design,price, size, and colour available please visit Zysku Xena Shop. Thank you beautiful :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Edition Volume 1 Sneak Peek

After more than 1 year we only handpicked many clothes to be sold in our store from various suppliers, finally we can start making our own clothes! Actually in the previous edition we have tried to sell our own production but it was still our trial phase and it came only in limited stock and design.

Saw that the customer's response was very good, so in this edition we are confident to launch more designs, colors, and stock.
We hope you'll love this edition as we do.

And...we proudly present the sneak peek for tomorrow (InshaAllah) upload :

Stay alert, peeps :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here they come!

Lolita Ruffles Top IDR 77000

Sheer Dress, Grey IDR 125000, Patterned IDR 135000

Morocco Dress IDR 225000


Monday, March 28, 2011

Early April Edition and all the things around it

We'll publish our Early April Edition tonight insha Allah :) just dont forget to come to our online shop : Zysku Xena.

Sometimes I feel a little bit weird because right now is the Mid Semester Exam week, I have a lot of assignments, and my lab also holding a practicuum in this 2 months...Ridzki also, he is doing his thesis (actually I should too, but I kind of neglect it) but we are still running this shop happily.
That's because we're very serious about the shop! ^^ And we love Zysku Xena very much. Yes we only have limited amount of capital, we are still business amateur, and so on..So that's why we have to work harder than others. :)

I hope u'll love Zysku Xena too :*

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Edition 2

We're sorry for not updating this blog when we published our March Ed.2 :) So that almost all of that edition were already sold out. But, luckily we can restock 2 of the collection ^^.

M33 - 4 Ways Sleeveless Cardi (Creme - Brick Orange - Greyish White) - IDR 105000

M35 Maxi Top (Creme-Pink-Purple) - IDR 135000

To order : sms 085624268905, BBpin 21b95205

Thanks peeps :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tofuuuuu :)

Yesterday, Ridzki (my boyfie) and I went strolling to PVJ,,and because both of us were lack of money, we tried to look for a cheap restaurant. At first, we can only think of KFC (zzz...) until we keep looking, and found Tahu Talaga. This place is great! Especially the service and unique concept of layout design. They arrange the restaurant just like a "warung" where "kampung" people usually hangout. Here it is :

We ordered Mie Godok (Rp 16.500), Nasi Goreng Tek-Tek (Rp 16.500), Tahu Buntel (Rp 8.000), and Ice Tea (Rp 4.000). The price is very reasonable and quite good in taste :).

So, this place is recommended, whether you just want to eat snacks or meal.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Zysku Xena : March Edition

Zysku Xena is my online shop (together with my boyfie) who sells hijab friendly clothes :)

And last Sunday, we launch our March edition. Some of them now already sold out so sorry.

Here are some of them ^^
To see our full collection, just visit our Facebook profile here.

Meysa dress IDR 115.000

Zuema Harem Pants IDR 120.000

Ayesha Jumpsuit IDR 170.000

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Brief Introduction

Torigen (Setiabudi, Bandung)
I'm wearing unbranded cardigan, Zysku Xena floral maxi dress, vintage leather belt, and bag from Debenhams

Assalammualaikum everyone.

Hi, I'm Anggi, 20 year old girl from Bandung.
I'm currently studying in Industrial Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung and I hope this is my last semester.

I love fashion, kids, and foods.

Beside studying, I'm also becoming a lab assistant and I have an woman-hijabi-apparels online shop, together with my boyfie. ^^

Maybe the posts in this blog will be mostly about fashion (what I like, what I wear, or what I sell), but I don't know, I may put some other things that I just love to share to you all.

I hope u'll enjoy it!

See you :)

Nanny's Pavillon Library (Setiabudi, Bandung)
I'm wearing unbranded jeans, Zysku Xena assymetrical dress, and my mom made necklace