Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Edition Volume 1 Sneak Peek

After more than 1 year we only handpicked many clothes to be sold in our store from various suppliers, finally we can start making our own clothes! Actually in the previous edition we have tried to sell our own production but it was still our trial phase and it came only in limited stock and design.

Saw that the customer's response was very good, so in this edition we are confident to launch more designs, colors, and stock.
We hope you'll love this edition as we do.

And...we proudly present the sneak peek for tomorrow (InshaAllah) upload :

Stay alert, peeps :)


  1. waah pengen yg coklat 2 dri kiri deh. keren2 own design ny..

  2. masih banyak design dan warna-warna lainnya.. :) don't forget to visit our facebook profile tomorrow to see the complete collection yaa sistaa ^^ (