Monday, March 28, 2011

Early April Edition and all the things around it

We'll publish our Early April Edition tonight insha Allah :) just dont forget to come to our online shop : Zysku Xena.

Sometimes I feel a little bit weird because right now is the Mid Semester Exam week, I have a lot of assignments, and my lab also holding a practicuum in this 2 months...Ridzki also, he is doing his thesis (actually I should too, but I kind of neglect it) but we are still running this shop happily.
That's because we're very serious about the shop! ^^ And we love Zysku Xena very much. Yes we only have limited amount of capital, we are still business amateur, and so on..So that's why we have to work harder than others. :)

I hope u'll love Zysku Xena too :*

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