Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tofuuuuu :)

Yesterday, Ridzki (my boyfie) and I went strolling to PVJ,,and because both of us were lack of money, we tried to look for a cheap restaurant. At first, we can only think of KFC (zzz...) until we keep looking, and found Tahu Talaga. This place is great! Especially the service and unique concept of layout design. They arrange the restaurant just like a "warung" where "kampung" people usually hangout. Here it is :

We ordered Mie Godok (Rp 16.500), Nasi Goreng Tek-Tek (Rp 16.500), Tahu Buntel (Rp 8.000), and Ice Tea (Rp 4.000). The price is very reasonable and quite good in taste :).

So, this place is recommended, whether you just want to eat snacks or meal.

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